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20 Best Vanlifers To Follow On Instagram

Top VanLife Instagrammers

I dunno about you, but one of my biggest motivators to buy a van was the plethora of vanlife Instagrammers.

Whilst researching the vanlife to find out if it is actually achievable, I came across a number of full time van dwellers. I was #amazed!

I followed a bunch of these Instagram-pros to be inspired by their journeys every single day.

Instagram provides an easy way to escape and indulge in the day to day lives of others. Thanks to these vanlife instagram accounts, I’m revved up for travelling every time I open the app.

These 20 Vanlife Instagrammers are our favourite way to get distracted when we’ve got a spare minute. And hey, it’s also great research too!

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1. VanTheory: @van.theory

Who better to start with than our very own selves? Our Instagram feed is a combination of original content and fellow Vanlifer reposts. We’ve put together the perfect blend of van conversions, stunning photography and drone footage to really whet your appetite for all things van related.

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2. Carl and Bella: @swewanderlust

Swedish couple Carl and Bella love to capture every moment on the road. In the last few months they’ve visited France, the Netherlands, Portugal and documented all of their travels. They also contribute to the highly reputable RES which is one of Sweden’s top travel magazines. You can also check out their blog work here.

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3. Megan Briggs: @megomay

Megan Briggs is a full time Vanlifer and certified cool cat. Not only does Megan travel North America in her awesome RV, she also runs a super groovy online vintage store. What we love about Megan’s feed is the combination of stunning North American scenery and far-out hippie lifestyle.

4. Travel Tiph: @traveltiph

Wanna see a home cooked breakfast amongst snow covered mountains and evergreen foliage? Then we highly recommend you check out Tiphaine’s Insta. Traversing Canada in a 1976 Dodge van, Tiphaine captures an endless stream of Canadian beauty.

5. The Van Adventures: @thevan_adventures

Elia is a strange Italian guy accompanied by his dog Cloe. They are travelling together in his van code-named Splinter. Well, that’s according to his bio anyway. The way we see it, Elia and Cloe are full time Vanlifers. They are hitting the road in their Westfalia, capturing stunning shots of scenery and everyday van life. Elia also documents his travels on his Facebook page and it’s well worth checking out.

6. Misadventure Theory: @misadventuretheory

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the vast open lands of North America, look no further. Megan and Clark are two Vanlifers you really ought to get to know. Not only do they share their stunning photography of Yosemite, Lake Alberta and the California coast. They also share handy tips for van conversions and life on the open road. Check out their website for more.

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7. We Be Traveling: @webetraveling

Husband and wife Ryan and Becky converted a Sprinter van in just a month before taking to the roads of North America. Their Instagram feed not only documents their travels but also shows exactly how they converted their van. Quite a feat if you ask me! They also have an awesome Youtube channel which we highly recommend you subscribe to.

8. Aves Sin Rumbo: @aves_sin_rumbo

Meet Becca and Cade. In their converted Sprinter they share their thoughts on van dwelling, sustainability and adventure. Travelling through North America Becca and Cade take us through how they converted the van and also the planning that went into such a big job.

9. The Rolling Home: @therollinghome

Calum and Lauren are pioneers of the Vanlife movement. Way back in 2010 they bought themselves a VW T4 and have since spent 5 years clocking more than 80,000 miles across Europe. With stunning shots of Northern Spain, the Pyrenees and even the Cornwall coast, Europe has never looked so beautiful. Calum and Lauren also have their own blog and even their very own book. Both of which are worth checking out.

10. Alaina Bourrel: @vanarchy604

Alaina Bourrel is crossing Canada with just herself, her man and her van. Along the way Alaina has captured some amazing shots from all the way from Saskatchewan to Ontario. Although the beauty of Canada speaks for itself, we think that Alaina has truly captured it’s magic with her amazing photography. Seriously, her work will leave you pining for the Vanlife.

Sean Beardsworth
My two favourite things are vehicles and travelling, so the VanLife was a natural choice for me! I also love a good German weissbier, but only when I'm pitched...
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  • Kenneth dulaney Dec 5,2016 at 11:29 pm

    I’d say mine is pretty rad mixed with my lifestyle. But Aves is my fav on this list.


    • Sean Beardsworth Dec 5,2016 at 11:33 pm

      You’re absolutely right Kenneth, your feed is pretty rad indeed. Loving that picture of you opening the doors to the White Sands National Monument.

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