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The 10 VanLife Commandments

The 10 Vanlife Commandments

In this post we look at ten unwritten rules that you should follow when living the van life. These VanLife Commandments will not just improve vanlife for you and your friends, but for everyone as a whole.

Regardless of whether you choose to rock a camper, caravan or specially built motorhome, these rules should still apply and you should keep them front of mind.

We’ve chosen these rules based on our own experiences and attitude towards living on the road. If you have something you’d like share too, please do! I’m sure we could quite easily have a hundred VanLife Commandments, but for now we’ve picked just ten.

A quick note: This post is meant as some light-hearted fun, please don’t get angry with us or claim we’ve missed something out. Though, as the old adage goes, a lot of truth is said in jest.

Got anything to add? Let us know in the comments below!

The 10 VanLife Commandments for VanLifers to Live By

Cleanliness is Vanliness

1. Cleanliness Is Vanliness

You might think it’s easy or that you’re good at staying clean & organised. Well you’re right it isn’t hard. But you may find it more challenging when your home is a van.

At home, it’s easy to throw your clothes on the bed. Or leave the dishes until tomorrow. But in a van, these things can quickly spiral out of control.

Whether you’re riding solo or buddying up, cleanliness is Vanliness. Go on, repeat that.

Just because your home is on wheels, it doesn’t mean you can escape your chores. Your Camper is your Casa. Treat it with the respect it deserves. Letting your van become a dumping ground is a sure fire way to start hating on the van life.

Sean Beardsworth
My two favourite things are vehicles and travelling, so the VanLife was a natural choice for me! I also love a good German weissbier, but only when I'm pitched...
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