Product Guide

About This Product Guide

Welcome to VanTheory’s product guide for 2016! This guide offers a variety of useful ways to improve your van dwelling life and time on the road.

Whether you’re browsing this guide for yourself or someone else, you’re sure to find an enthusiastic gift that won’t be regretted!

Books & Inspiration

We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from a number of different blogs, websites and forums but none more so than these books. It’s important that before you set off you get an insight into life on the road. And that’s exactly what we got from these two pieces of work. We highly recommend both of these before you embark on your own adventure.

Van Safety & Security

Your van is your home. You wouldn’t leave your home unlocked or compramise any security features, so why would you with your van? They’re not glamorous by any means but these products are essential when it comes to keeping your “home” secure and ultimately keeping yourself safe too.

Fireangel Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm

As we pointed out in our 10 Vanlife Commandments, a carbon monoxide detector is an essential tool for any campervan. It only needs to work once and it has saved your life!

Armaplate Van Lock Protectors

The Armaplate Guardian is designed to protect your van against opportunist theft-attacks by completely encasing the vulnerable area around the door locks with a high grade stainless steel plate.

Laptop Book Cover by TwelveSouth

Avoid tempting thieves by disguising your laptop as an old book with this crafty laptop cover by TwelveSouth. And if you were to experience a break-in, hopefully your hidden laptop will be spared.

Summit SUM Front Thermal Windscreen Blinds

Stop prying eyes and keep your van insulated with a set of thermal blinds. Super easy to fit and simply roll up after use!

Stoplock Professional Steering Wheel Lock

The Stoplock Professional was 100% effective in Police tests & has the reassurance of a Thatcham Category 3 ‘attack approval’ rating.

GPS Car Tracker and Vehicle Theft Protection

Integrates with any vehicle to give you global coverage with quad-band GSM frequency. Immobilise your vehicle on demand and get extensive updates via SMS.

Fiamma Duo Safe Cab Door Locking Bar

The Duo Safe security bar locks front doors from the inside. Thanks to the telescopic frame and quick-lock hooks, it adapts to the most vehicle cabins.

Hygiene & Keeping Clean

Never underestimate the importance of keeping clean and well fed on the road. They’re two basic things that you may well neglect if you take your eye off the ball. Just because you’ve left the stress off everyday living behind, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of cleanliness, good food and good coffee.

Big Big Body Wipes

These huge, adult sized wet wipes are perfect for when you can’t shower. already popular with festival goers, avid campers and beach bums. These things are genuinely the next best thing to a shower and leave the whole body feeling fresh and clean.

Toni & Guy Dry Cleanse Shampoo

As we mentioned in our article 10 Vanlife Commandments, you’re not always gonna get the chance to shower. As such, shampooing and keeping control of your hair is going to be come difficult. This is the best dry shampoo on the market, coming from someone such as myself who takes the utmost pride in my curly brown locks.

Solar Heated Camp Shower

The closest thing you’re going to get to a good old fashioned home shower while on the road. Place in the sun for 3 hours and boom! This environmentally friendly PVC solar shower will give you 10 gallons of warm watery goodness.

Thetford Porta Porti Qube

When you gotta go, you gotta go. It’s inevitable that you’re gonna get caught short at some point. This travel friendly porta-potty will not only spare your blushes but it’s sleek design and size means it’ll also blend right in with your van decor.

Oral B Brush Ups

Brushing your teeth is not only hygienic, it invokes you with the confidence you need to step out of the door and socialise. But you can’t always brush your teeth with running water in your van. Chewing gum can be a life saver but these things are next level.

Poo Pourri Toilet Spray

Never face the embarrassment of going to the toilet for a number 2 again. This little spray will spare you so many blushes. Just a cheeky spritz in the bowl before you go and your buddy or guest will never have to know what went down.

Kitchenware & Cooking

Never underestimate the importance of keeping clean and well fed on the road. They’re two basic things that you may well neglect if you take your eye off the ball. Just because you’ve left the stress off everyday living behind, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of cleanliness, good food and good coffee.

Campingaz Chef Vario Camping Stove

The Campingaz now has a piezo ignition and a hard carry case, , something the old model was lacking. Also included are windsheilds which fold down when finished with. The Chef Vario will also run off any gas!

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Barista class coffee from the back of your van. How could we not include this in our list? The Aeropress is a phenominon worldwide for it’s size, ability and cost. It’s the perfect accompaniment for any coffee lover, van dwelling or not.

Hario Olive Wood Double Wall Cafetiere

The Hario brand speaks for itself in the coffee world. This cafetiere not only looks amazing but it produces damn good coffee. Just the caffeine hit you’ll need for those long days on the road.

Comfort & sleeping

A good night’s sleep leads to a good day. Fact! Keeping comfortable in a van isn’t always easy but with these products, we’re more than confident that you’ll get yourself some well deserved shut eye. Not only that but comfort whilst driving is paramount. Lessen the risk of an accident and maintain utmost comfort when behind the wheel.

Heat Holders Snuggle Up Luxury Fleece

A good blanket is a great investment. Whether you’re in Scandinavia or Iberia, come nightfall despite the best of insulation, you’re going to need a good blanket.

Car Leather Steering Wheel Covers

Safety on the road has to be the priority. And that’s exactly what this product offers, along with comfort and style. Reduce slippage and don’t under estimate the toll having a grip of the wheel can have on your hands.

NEMO Pillow

Replicating the comfort of your own bed is difficult but that’s exactly what this pillow does. The clever design leads to maximum comfort and subsequently maximum sleep.

This gift guide is a work in progress!