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5 Luxury RV Conversions That Will Blow Your Mind

Best RV Conversions
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As Vanlifers who are out on the road, our van is our palace. But in some cases a home on the road can literally be a tin box on wheels. In this post we’ve searched high and low to bring you what we believe are the top 5 RVs that will blow your mind.

We’ve made this list a combination of all out luxury and crazy design. Whilst making this post we were completely blown away at the sheer awesomeness that is available on wheels.

So click through and enjoy viewing some of the most amazing homes on wheels. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you think of our list.

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Van Basics

20 Best Vanlifers To Follow On Instagram

Top VanLife Instagrammers
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I dunno about you, but one of my biggest motivators to buy a van was the plethora of vanlife Instagrammers.

Whilst researching the vanlife to find out if it is actually achievable, I came across a number of full time van dwellers. I was #amazed!

I followed a bunch of these Instagram-pros to be inspired by their journeys every single day.

Instagram provides an easy way to escape and indulge in the day to day lives of others. Thanks to these vanlife instagram accounts, I’m revved up for travelling every time I open the app.

These 20 Vanlife Instagrammers are our favourite way to get distracted when we’ve got a spare minute. And hey, it’s also great research too!

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Van Basics

The 10 VanLife Commandments

The 10 Vanlife Commandments
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In this post we look at ten unwritten rules that you should follow when living the van life. These VanLife Commandments will not just improve vanlife for you and your friends, but for everyone as a whole.

Regardless of whether you choose to rock a camper, caravan or specially built motorhome, these rules should still apply and you should keep them front of mind.

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Van Basics

LWB vs SWB What’s the difference?

SWB vs LWB Vans

If you’re new to the van world then some of the terminology thrown around can be a little confusing. The first thing you’ll notice is that people always talk about LWB vs SWB.

These are abbreviations of Long Wheel Base and Short Wheel Base. Sure enough it’s explaining the length of something but what exactly?

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