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As Vanlifers who are out on the road, our van is our palace. But in some cases a home on the road can literally be a tin box on wheels. In this post we’ve searched high and low to bring you what we believe are the top 5 RVs that will blow your mind.

We’ve made this list a combination of all out luxury and crazy design. Whilst making this post we were completely blown away at the sheer awesomeness that is available on wheels.

So click through and enjoy viewing some of the most amazing homes on wheels. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you think of our list.

“Armadillo Conquistador”

If a luxury camper and an off-road beast had a baby, this is what it would look like. The Armadillo Conquistador is the ultimate RV hybrid and combines all the comforts of a high end condo with a military style, hard as nails shell.
If you’re thinking “not too shabby”, wait until you see the interior…
This 11 metre long behemoth weighs in at 43 tonnes and can easily house 5 people. Along with a sleek looking bathroom, it is also home to three refrigerators, 2 televisions, a terrace and a sun deck.
Not only is this thing as luxurious as a room in the Burj al Arab, it’s also got the raw power needed to get all 43 tonnes moving at 93mph. Beneath the bonnet lies a monster 5.0 V8 engine putting out the pulling power of 480 horses.

Oh, and did we mention the rooftop terrace?

As it stands the Armadillo Conquistador F is only available in it’s native China. While there has been requests from Europe, right now there are no plans to branch out of the East Asian nation.

Newmar “King Aire Luxury Motor Coach”

The ultimate mobile palace. Newmar have designed the King Aire Luxury Motor Coach to be the pinnacle of luxury travel. Kitted out with fabrics from the reputable Ralph Lauren’s home collection, this thing spares no expense.
At just over 13 metres long and weighing in at 22 tonnes, a 600bhp engine is needed to cart this palace on wheels around. Not only is the spec of the vehicle designed for power, it’s also designed for driving comfort. Technology you’d expect from a high-end car such as electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring and side-view cameras all come as standard.
Complete with Sony 4k ultra high definition televisions, a Bose sound system and satellite TV functionality, it’s safe to say the King Aire Luxury Motor Coach has the technology as well as the luxury.

The manufacturer recommends that the vehicle is sold at a whopping £710,374 ($887,250). Which is actually reasonable when you consider the quality of the interior, technology and build. So get saving your pennies and you never know!

Marchi Mobile “EleMMent Palazzo Superior”

No prizes for guessing what Palazzo Superior translates to “in Inglese”. That’s right, Superior Palace. And again, there’s no prizes for guessing why it’s named that way. Marchi Mobile have produced their most luxurious and, without doubt, their most outstanding motorhome to-date.
A 600bhp Volvo engine is used to carry the 28 tonnes of pure luxury. The EleMMent Palazzo Superior has everything you’d expect from a vehicle in it’s class. The king size bed, the wine cabinet, the 42 inch LED screens, satellite television functionality and much much more.

But you know what really sets this vehicle aside from the others? It’s the Sky Lounge. The Sky Lounge allows for extraordinary and exclusive panoramic views. An automatic lift system is used to raise it up out of the body of the vehicle to create a walled-in roof deck. And of course it takes an exterior stairwell to lead up to the spacious deck complete of course with radiant floor heating.

$3,000,000 is what is needed to get yourselves one of these amazing pieces of work. That’s roughly around £2,402,594 if you’re on the other side of the pond to where these palace’s are made.

Action Mobil “Global XRS 7200”

Another RV that wouldn’t look out of place in a war zone. The Action Mobil “Global XRS 7200” again combines the benefits of a luxury motorhome with a tank-like appearance. Complete with 23 square metres of living space, a satellite television, washer and dryer and even a lift at the rear to house a motorbike.
Makers Action Mobil describe the Global XRS 7200 as “motorhome for global cruises” and it’s easy to see why. Despite it’s intimidating appearance, it’s clearly built for living comfort.
This 6 wheeler comes complete with 6×6 capability and weighing in at 18 tonnes, it requires a huge 720bhp engine to get it mobile. Which you would expect given that it’s pulling the contents of the average UK home.

The Global XRS 7200 will set you back a staggering £585,000 ($730,373). But if you’re planning on travelling the length and breadth of the globe in luxurious comfort then it’s money well spent.

Anderson’s Mobile Estates “The Heat”

Anderson’s Mobile Estates have an amazing reputation when it comes to designing and building lavish homes on the road. And nothing sums up their skills better than The Heat. This bad boy was built to cater for movie stars and other such celebs with Ashton Kutcher and Will Smith among it’s client list.
The 1,200 square feet of pure luxury is just over 16 metres long and weighs in at a whopping 63.5 tonnes. Features include a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a living area, bedrooms, conference space and also a retractable spiral staircase to connect the floors.
And of course there is plenty of technology available to keep the modern actor/actress busy when he/she is not shooting. There are multiple LCD TVs, remote controlled blinds and lights, and a 360 degree surveillance system. But to really top off the luxury hotel feel The Heat is kitted out in leather, oak wood and marble for that real premium feel.

To get your hands on The Heat it will cost you well into 7 figures. But if you are a movie star then that sort of sum isn’t going to bother you too much. Of course for the everyman, The Heat is available to rent just in case you wanted to know what a day in the life of Ashton Kutcher felt like.

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We hope you enjoyed the list and had fun seeing exactly what is capable to put on the road. Have we missed any out? If you think so please let us know in the comments below.

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